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PupBrush Pro™


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A portion of profits will be donated to a local no-kill animal shelter closest to you! ❤️

Exclusively Sold By Pawineer

Cleaning your dog's teeth has never been this easy! 🦷

A fun and stimulating way for cleaner teeth! ✨

✅ FDA Approved

✅ Eco-Friendly

✅ Safe & Harmless

Why Do You and Your Dog Need PupBrush Pro?

🕰 💰 Save Time & Money - The average American spends $500 a year on pet oral care. PupBrush+™ is a fraction of the cost and also very convenient. Just 10 minutes a day with our toothbrush will lead to outstanding results. You will no longer have to spend ridiculous amounts of money and time taking your dog to the vet.

✅ Get Rid of Smelly Breath - Rather than waiting for another visit to the groomer, save money and have your dog brush their OWN teeth frequently for clean-smelling breath!

✅ Dishwasher Safe - Next time you are doing the dishes, throw PupBrush™ in the washer to clean for re-use!


    Benefits of Your Dog Using PupBrush Pro:

    -Bye-Bye Smelly Breath!

    -Remove tartar and plaque build-up

    -Prevent periodontal disease

    -Reduce damage to your dog's internal organs

    -Fun to use!

    Before & After!


      How To Use:

      1.  Let your pet smell PupBrush Pro™ in order for them to be familiar with it.

      2. Let them take care of the rest!


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