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Have a medium to large-sized pet with thicker nails? This is purrfect for you! 👈

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The #1 Vet Recommended Nail Trimmer in the World

👉 According to expert advice & veterinarians, trimming your dog and cat's nails is more than just a cosmetic chore. Unhealthy nails can cause pain and trigger irreversible damage to your pet. 🚫

Most, if not all "quiet" nail grinders are not strong enough, which is why we have a life-changing solution for you!

👉 If you are looking to prevent foot and leg damage to your pet while saving money and staying in the comfort of your own home, then PupTrimmer Pro is perfect for you. ❤️

Seriously, after two uses you will have already saved money! 😲

PupTrimmer Pro is a powerful stress-free, at-home nail trimming solution for all pet owners including dogs, cats (cat claw removal), birds, hamsters and more), saving you time and money with over 215,000+ happy customers!

🐶 Use effortlessly with a specifically designed two-speed motor, made special for you and your furbabies! 😽

💸 A simple dog nail trim may cost between $20 and $30, depending on your location. Nail grinding may cost an additional $2-$8 than standard clipping. Stay home and save money after two uses with PupTrimmer Pro👈

Treat your best furriends to a stress-free, luxurious pawdicure! 🐶

Buddy the Pitbull getting his nails trimmed! 🐾

    Why Do You and Your Furry Friend Need PupTrimmer Pro? 👈

    ✅ Advanced 2-Speeds & 3 Grinding Ports- PupTrimmer Pro features adjustable low and high speed Pup and Pro Modes, catering to all nail types and thicknesses. (7000 & 8000 RPM, both under 50 dB)

     Safe & Precise Trimming - PupTrimmer Pro uses an upgraded and advanced diamond-bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet nail grinding. Recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals, painlessly and precisely trim your pet's nails anywhere.

     Save Money - Spending your hard-earned money on frequent groomer visits? Our advanced technology will help you trim your pet's nails efficiently, wherever and whenever. Save money indefinitely after two uses.

     Stay Home - Right now, none of us want to leave the house or spend extra money that’s not needed. All it takes is once a week for upkeep!

     Perfect For Anxious Pets - Many pets get stressed by the sound and vibration of most nail grinders and clippers. PupTrimmer Pro uses a superior motor with whisper-quiet technology that produces a very low vibration to keep your pet calm by trimming their nails faster and easier.

     Use For All Pets - Can be used on all pets who need their nails trimmed, including dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and more!

    Builds Trust With Your Furry Friend - Once you show them nail trimming doesn’t hurt when using our PupTrimmer Pro, it will strengthen your bond; Building inseparable trust between the both of you. 💙

     Rechargeable & Portable - This stainless steel design uses a rechargeable port that lasts two hours.  We recommend charging shortly after each use! The ergonomic body design also makes it easy to handle.

    ✅ Premium Support -  2-5 day shipping from our warehouse in Los Angeles, and a 30-day money-back guarantee!

    ”But My Pet Might Be Scared Of It!”

    ❤️ No need to worry! All pets react differently and are special in their own way. With your FREE BOOK AND INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO included, we will make sure to walk you through each and every step to provide you with a smooth experience.

    The Best Nail Trimmer - Paws Down 🐾

    "Why Can't I Just Use Any Other Dremel?"

    ⚠️ Other dremels have a louder decibel range, which can traumatize your pet. 

    ✅ With PupTrimmer Pro whisper-quiet motor, your dog will be able to relax. There is nothing else like it!


     Don't Believe Us? Hear For Yourself!👇

    "I tried trimming my cat and dog's nails using a file. I tried walks. Nothing seemed to dull their nails in a calmly way. Then I saw PupTrimmer Pro! At a loss for other ideas, other than a dremel power tool, we figured to try this out. To my surprise, it was so quiet and it didn't bother them at all. Of course there were treats being given as well as per Pawineer's instructions, but this tool lived up to the hype. PupTrimmer Pro is light years ahead of its time."-Brandon, Chicago, IL ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


    Isabella Getting Her Claws Trimmed! Say Goodbye to Ripped Furniture! 😽

          Benefits & Results With PupTrimmer Pro ⭐️

          • Shorter Nails Make Walking More Comfortable
          • Save Money After the First Use
          • Trimming Reduces Injury Risks
          • Less Scratch Marks
          • Avoid Damage to Bedding, Carpet & Hardwood Floors
          • Good for Pets with Clipper Anxiety
          • Rounded & Smooth Nails

              See What The PupTrimmer Pro Family Has To Say:

              PupTrimmer Pro | What's Inside?


                How To Use 🐱 

                1.  Let your pet smell and listen to the PupTrimmer Pro, in order for them to be familiar with the device. Take your time and ease them into it.

                2. Depending on the size and shape of the nail, chose a fitting trimmer opening.

                3. Use the PupTrimmer Pro to trim their nails by using Pup Mode first, then switching to Pro Mode if needed.

                4. Trim in increments of 3-5 seconds to avoid overheating of the nails.

                5. In between paws, it is recommended to give them a treat, reinforcing calm behavior with the PupTrimmer Pro.

                6. If done correctly, it should take a maximum of 10 minutes for the initial trimming. For fast and optimal results, we recommend to trim once a week. By using this method, each session after the initial should only last 3-5 minutes.

                7. After grinding, clean the wheel with a wet cloth to remove any nail powder for re-use.

                (Detailed instructions, including a nail anatomy section, will be available with your FREE PDF with every purchase. ❤️)

                Dax's Instructional Tutorial Using PupTrimmer Pro!

                  Inside Your Delivery 📦 

                  1x PupTrimmer Pro

                  1x USB Charging Cord

                  1x Instruction Manual

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                  Pawineer products are backed by a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase due to it being defective, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make it right. 

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