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The purr-fect gift for you and a friend! 🤝

A portion of profits is donated to a local no-kill animal shelter closest to you! ❤️

Constantly on the go with your furry friend? This is purrfect for you! 💦

Really think about it- would you prefer tap water or carbon-filtered water?  🤔

Exclusively Sold By Pawineer™

Water on-the-go has never been this clean and easy! 👍

✅ FDA Approved

✅ Eco-Friendly

✅ 2 in 1 Foldable Design

Why Do You and Your Dog Need PupBottle? 💙

💦 Leak ProofPupBottle has a built-in, leak-proof rubber ring for solid sealing. If there is any unwanted water after your furbaby has had a drink, simply press the PupButton to have the water return to the bottle to reuse!

🤗 2-in-1 Foldable Design- PupBottle has a flexible design to where the two sections can be stretched and merged, which is perfect for outdoor and daily use. The included wrist strap also makes it portable and easy to attach to the back of a hiking bag!

 Large CapacityPupBottle can hold 300mL of water! This is perfect for any size pet going on a long hike or walk.

 Carbon Filters-  

PupBottle comes with a single activated carbon filter to eliminate any water impurities!

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    Benefits of Your Dog Using PupBottle:

    -Bye-Bye to large and messy water bowls!

    -Filtered water at your dogs disposal on-the-go!

    -Store water or food on-the-go!

    -Fun to use!


    How To Use:

    1.  Let your pet smell PupBottle in order for them to be familiar with it.

    2. Pull the top of the 

    PupBottle away from the water/food reservoir.

    3. Press the PupButton to release the filtered water! 


    Shipping & Delivery 🚚

    All orders are professionally packaged, prepared and dispatched within 1 business day. Tracking numbers will be automatically sent as soon as your order has shipped. You can track your order's journey on our order lookup page.

    Domestic US Delivery: 2-5 Business Days

    International Delivery: 5-15 Business Days

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